Do Height Insoles Damage Your Feet?

May 25th, 2016 3:11 am


 Add Height insoles goal is to provide shoe lifts which will help you increase in height while maintaining stiffness for arch support and comfort, giving you complete functionality and stability along with the benefit of added height.

It’s one common question we encounter in the height insole marketplace. Many buyers want to know whether height insoles will damage their feet when wearing the product over a prolonged period of time. We felt this was an important question to answer in detail and so in this latest post we’ll answer the question of whether you can expect damage to your feet by wearing shoe inserts for height on a regular basis.

Products Should Be Compared

When considering whether a height insole might damage your feet, it’s first important to review the materials used in the product. For example, quality height insoles should be built using memory foam that is designed to conform to the biomechanics of your body. Memory foam helps reduce the destructi...

Common Complaints about Poor Quality Shoe Lifts
May 24th, 2016 4:49 am

 Add Height insoles are a total breakthrough to help you grow taller and increase height instantly! Our revolutionary shoe lifts help you add height and gain confidence immediately! 

Have you tried shoe lifts before and been dissatisfied?  Not all shoe lift inserts are one-size-fits-all in the most literal sense of the word. Our specially designed Add Height shoe lifts provide great user satisfaction and help address some of the most common complaints about standard shoe lifts.

They’re Uncomfortable

It’s true that shoe lift inserts can be uncomfortable. That is for one of two reasons: poorly designed shoe lifts or selecting a shoe lift that doesn’t fit you properly. AddHeight addresses the design question outright, with our unique design that not only adds inches subtly to your height, but it also lends you physical support in just the right places.

We utilize a special layered design. The top layer has flexible foam to contour your foot in comfort. It is shock resista...

Can I Wear Shoe Lifts or Elevator shoes Every Day?
May 22nd, 2016 1:10 am

 Confidence is the key to success and with Add Height insoles and shoe lifts , you will be able to experience a new level of confidence that will change your life.  

A common question we receive here at Add Height centers on the pitfalls of wearing shoe lifts every day. Most people want to know whether height insoles are designed for everyday use or for more occasional use. When answering this question, there are a few elements to consider. In this post, we’ll show you what to look for in a great shoe lift, and you can make up your own mind.

Activity Levels an Important Consideration

The activity you’re performing when wearing shoe lifts is an important consideration. Because shoe lifts are not a natural part of your foot, it can be difficult to maintain comfort while standing and wearing with height insoles in your shoes during an 8-hour workday. For example, bartenders, cashiers and others who are on their feet and in a static position throughout their work shifts migh...

Can Height Insoles or Shoe Lifts Make Me Walk Funny?
May 19th, 2016 7:25 pm

Add height insoles are made to fit all popular shoe sizes. One of the benefits of shoe lifts is that they won’t compromise the length in your shoe. 

Today’s there’s a cosmetic surgery for almost any type of genetic issue. However, those who are shorter than the average person are unlikely to find a solution through a surgeon. Instead, they must turn to products such as height increasing insoles to help them achieve the level of height and comfort they require.

But before they buy their height increasing insoles, some are under the impression that shoe lifts will make them walk funny. In this blog, will address this issue and the factors involved in walking confidently while wearing shoe lifts.

First Few Steps can be Challenging

Depending on the specific height increasing insole you purchase, you may be a little unsteady on your feet at the beginning. One of the important things to remember when using shoe lifts is that the first few steps in the first days of use can b...

Best Places to Wear Your Add Height Insoles
May 18th, 2016 1:57 pm

Add Height insoles are a total breakthrough to help you grow taller! Our revolutionary shoe lifts help you add height and gain confidence. Shop online now!



Where are the best places to wear height insoles? In short, anywhere you go.

There are a number of reasons to consider height insoles, in particular if your height is something that you’ve been longing to change about yourself. The beauty of height insoles is that they are comfortable, sturdy, discrete and completely versatile, so they can fit seamlessly into your busy life- as you need.

At the Office

Is your height holding you back in your career- at least in your own mind? What better way to set yourself up for success, but to include height insoles as a staple in your wardrobe?

Studies have shown that taller people get preferential treatment. Tall people are more likely to have their voices heard, receive promotions and advance in their careers. AddHeight shoe inserts could help you climb that care...

Ever try Gel Height Insoles and Shoe Lifts?
May 17th, 2016 2:27 am

 Add Height shoe lifts are unique because of the way that they comprehensively enhance your appearance, boost your confidence and provide essential support to your entire foot structure.

So the next height insole I thought I would share is one that I used to wear quite frequently before deciding to take matters into my own hands. I don't recommend this heel insert unless you are on a very tight budget and cannot afford or choose to not afford a good quality pair of height insoles or shoe lifts.


These height increasing insoles or heel inserts, are completely made out of a gel. Now remember, your feet put a good amount of pressure and force on anything they stand on, so if a product does not have stabilizing materials, you will pretty much wear down the heel lift or height insole and also may sprain your ankle in the process. Why? Simply because this shoe lift cannot support weight with just gel as the only component, it's like trying to walk on jello.



So let's rate this out of 10....

Why Height Insoles and Shoe Lifts are an Advantage!
May 14th, 2016 9:28 pm

 Add Height insoles are the best kept secret that provide height and confidence, try these shoe lifts, and you'll be hooked!

Whether it seems fair or not, society often tends to favor taller people over shorter ones. The data shows taller people are given access to higher paying jobs; they are considered more trustworthy, and that taller people are considered more attractive than the general population. Moreso, the confidence level in someone tall seems to pertrude more than one of a shorter stature. In this latest post, we’ll present five common advantages that being tall can have for a person’s day-to-day life.

1 - Taller People Appear Leaner

Taller people often look leaner and in better shape than shorter people. Despite their weight, a taller person will appear to be in better physical condition as a result of the natural shape of their body. A person who is over 6’0” and 250 pounds will look better than a person who is only 5’6” and 250 pounds. While the di...

What to Look for in High-Quality Height Insoles?
May 13th, 2016 7:02 pm

 You may be considering shoe lifts for height, comfort and stability. Add Height insoles will provide all the above and more.

When you are attempting to add height, selecting the right shoe lift is critically important to achieving your goal. The wrong product can leave you uncomfortable and in pain during work time and can have a significant impact on your health when used over the long-term. That’s why many are now turning to industry experts for guidance on selecting the right shoe lifts to use on a daily basis. In this post, our expert team highlights the five characteristics to look for in a high-quality shoe lift.


1 – Stability

Shoe lifts must be designed to remain stable within the shoe. There is nothing more annoying than if you have to always adjust the product as it moves around. A stable shoe lift will ensure you retain control of your gait while walking and will help to protect you against slips and falls. It’s imperative to appear confident and...