Why Add Height Insoles Could be a Wise Career Move?

August 4th, 2016 7:01 pm

Let Add Height Insoles take your life to the next step!

In the workplace, the difference between advancing and holding reluctantly onto the status quo can come down to small details and drive. You can do everything right- work long hours, be a team player, show great initiative and spunk- yet you feel like others are passing you by.

Maybe it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to making your way up the career ladder.


Image Matters

You take the time to dress for success at work. Why? Because they say that you’ve got to dress for the job you want. When you’re shorter, that could include a very important accessory; height increasing insoles. It’s a proven fact that tall people enjoy more success, which is why adding height could be a wise career move.

Tall People make more Money

For men, in particular, studies show that society not only favors height, but they also reward it as well. It’s not fair, but it is true. Tall people make more money.

Anthropologists and economists have done the math. One study suggests that an extra inch can equal an extra $800 a year in salary. Another study says that an increase of four to five inches can bump salary up between 9 and 15 percent.

A recent German study found that tall people were more entrepreneurial and had a proven higher socio-economic status. The same study showed that even 1 cm in height correlates to a 0.39 percent increase in hourly earnings for paid employees and a 0.52 percent increase for self-employed individuals.

The Evolution of the Workplace

From a social standpoint, in regards to employment, you can see how employers may have favored larger employees years and years ago when work consisted of tending to the land with physical labor, where strength and size were a bonus. As the years evolved, and work became more sedentary, the perception of tall employees has stuck.

Are tall employees more skilled and more worthy of career advancement? Not likely. Are they more confident, therefore, more convinced of their worth and therefore feel more deserving of recognition and compensation? Absolutely. And when you are competing with others, you have to believe you are better, which can be hard to do if you are shorter and feel less powerful than others around you as a result.

But nobody said that you physically must be tall to reap the rewards of being tall. This is a prime reason why adding height could be a wise career move. Consider AddHeight shoe lifts for support with your next career move, and you just might find yourself in places you never thought you could go.  




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