How to Get Taller using Add Height Without Having to Sacrifice Style

November 18th, 2016 8:51 pm

Height-increasing products like elevator shoes are great for people like short celebrities who can afford numerous pairs of expensive footwear to match every outfit. For everybody else, however, this approach may not be feasible, and a better solution is required.

People who are wondering how to get taller without having to give up their current wardrobe or totally revamp their style need look no further than transferable height increasing insoles, which are a much more practical solution than multiple pairs of new shoes.


Height Insoles Fit Into All Your Footwear

Add Height insoles are revolutionary shoe lifts made with precision and high-quality materials. They are designed to be durable, long-lasting, and just as importantly, portable. This means that with a single pair of these heel lifts, you can add several inches of height to your stature, regardless of the shoes you're wearing. Add Height insoles slip in and out of one pair of shoes as easily as the next, meaning you can even change your outfit during the day and don’t have to sacrifice height or fashion.

Best Shoes for Add Height Insoles

Not only will these heel lifts give you the height and confidence you want, but they're also discreet, meaning you get all the perks of added height without anybody knowing what you're doing. As such, Add Height insoles work best with full coverage shoes, so flip flops and heels are not good candidates. However, you can wear these height insoles with a wide variety of footwear, and likely most of the shoes in your closet, including:


  • Sneakers and running shoes

  • Dress shoes

  • Fall and winter boots

  • Flats and casual shoes

Versatile and Simple

Imagine being able to add inches to your height without changing anything else about your life—including your personal style and current wardrobe. Add Height insoles are meant to be moved from shoe to shoe to suit the changing needs of your daily life, so they are as adaptable as you are.

Summer, winter, fall, and spring; it doesn’t matter if you're at work, hanging out with friends, at the movies, on a date, or out for dinner. These innovative heel lifts are the perfect fit and the ideal solution for added height, more confidence, and a better you.

People thinking about using footwear to increase their height often picture ugly, clunky, and unfashionable shoes similar to traditional orthotics. But with Add Height insoles, you simply insert the heel lift into the shoes you're going to wear and, voila!

The inserts disappear into the shoes, and you're left with the same chic outfit you had on before, plus a few extra inches of height to top off the look. And when you change your outfit, you just move the lifts into the new pair of shoes and you're good to go, with no height and no style lost.










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