How Technology is Helping Height Insoles Become Acceptable

October 27th, 2016 2:41 pm

While just a few years ago, heel lifts and other height increasing insole options were considered primitive and highly uncomfortable, shorter people around the world now have access to refined products that protect their posture and their foot health while improving their height. It’s a marketplace transition that is based on advancements in insole technology, and within this latest post, our trusted product experts look at the technology behind the latest products.



Motion Control

A primary element of quality height insoles is the motion control they provide the user. Harnessing a polyvinyl foundation, the Add Height Insoles helps the user to limit the movement of their foot inside the shoe while empowering them with full control over foot and shoe movement. This means that whether they’re briskly walking to work down a busy street or dancing with friends at the weekend, users can achieve full comfort and control.


Heat is a common issue for height insole wearers across the country. Excessive heat can sometimes cause the person to sweat, loosening the grip of the insole on the person’s foot and potentially leading to comfort issues during those hot summer days. The Add Height product leads the height insole marketplace by utilizing a silicone gel that offers pinpoint heat regulation. The silicone gel helps absorb any heat created by the wearer’s skin and provides cool and comfortable performance throughout the day.

Limiting Foot Damage

A constant issue for those using older model or unsuitable height insoles is the pain that these products can cause over time. Many wearers experience foot pain and skin issues such as blisters as a result of wearing poorly designed height insole products. Here at Add Height, we’ve designed our height insole to provide optimal heel support and shock absorption. This ensures that the pressure is taken off the foot and placed on the sturdy material within the insole. Our product also features an ergonomically designed memory foam component to help spread shock across the entire product, thereby assuring product durability and preventing long-term foot damage for the user.


The latest height insole technology is now in use and showcased through our AddHeight insoles. Why not see the benefits the latest material can bring to your life today by contacting our team and ordering your Add Height product? Call now to see why Add Height is the trusted company for high-performance height insoles.



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