How Long Should My Height Insoles or Shoe Lifts Last?

October 20th, 2016 5:55 pm


Height insoles and Shoe lifts
are one of the best ways for shorter people to achieve those extra few inches in height. Gaining height can make all the difference in terms of business negotiations and in capturing the attention at social settings. But buyers should ensure they learn about the latest height insoles before they make an investment in a new product. In this last post, our experts answer the question “How long should height insoles last?”

Standard Insoles Designed to be Replaced Often

The standard height insole product is designed to be replaced every few months by the user. That’s because the materials in common products on the marketplace wear down quickly. When they wear down, they limit the amount of shock absorption they can provide to the user, and this means that users may experience foot pain, blistering, and other issues from using a standard insole for long periods of time.

AddHeight Offers Long-Term Value

The Add Height Insole has helped to revolutionize the height insole industry by offering users a product that they can use over a long period of time. Instead of having to spend money to replace their insoles when they wear down over a few months, users can now access a product designed for durability and use within a range of environments.

AddHeight harnesses materials such as memory foam, which is made from millions of high-density cells that work over time to limit the impact of pressure on the wearer’s foot. This not only helps improve the long-term value of the insole but also ensures the user experiences immediate, lasting foot comfort while gaining a few inches in height.

AddHeight is Ideal for Day-to-Day Use

Beyond its long-term value, AddHeight is also suitable for a range of day-to-day activities. The product’s polyvinyl foundation helps users mitigate stress on their knee and back joints. It also works over time to improve the wearer’s height without placing pressure on sensitive parts of the foot. This means that not only does AddHeight offer long-term performance value, it’s also designed so that users can maintain their comfort in a range of environments, from working in the office to dancing with friends at a local club.

The new high standard in height insoles is now available. If you’re searching for a product designed to withstand many months of use and assure long-term foot comfort, speak with our trusted team of insole specialists today!



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