How a Person's Height and Social Status Are Often Closely Related

October 14th, 2016 1:41 am


Why height increasing insoles and shoe lifts can change your life.

While tall people likely realize that they have a physical advantage over their shorter counterparts, they may not be aware that their height also affords them a number of socio-economic benefits as well. What does this mean, you ask? Essentially, it means that tall people have an easier time navigating the world physically, but they also tend to have higher social statuses, better jobs, and better-paying jobs. Not only that, but they’re also more likely to marry and have kids, and this means that life for short men can be much more challenging than just contending with the physical fact of shortness.

The Correlation Between Height and Earnings

One way that height affects social status is through employment and income opportunities. Research into the relationship between height and careers consistently shows that taller men earn more than shorter men, and this is often because they have higher-level jobs and jobs that require more skills, and they're more likely to hold white-collar jobs. In fact, studies have revealed that just a one-inch height decrease could mean you make up to 2.9 percent less per week. Conversely, a person who is one inch taller than you can expect to make nearly $800 more than you, on average, over the course of a year.

The Long and Short of Relationships

From an evolutionary perspective, women tend to prefer men who are taller, and this may be why taller men often date more, are more likely to marry, and are more likely to have children than shorter men. Part of the reason for this is that both men and women alike perceive taller men as having a higher social status: they're seen as more powerful and more capable, and they consequently have more confidence and self-assurance, which are very attractive qualities in the world of romance.  

Bridging the Gap

As a short man, the best way to even the playing field is to increase your height. An easy thing to say, but impossible to implement, right? But not so fast: What if there were a simple, quick, painless, and affordable way to even the odds between you and your taller counterparts? Well, there is—height-increasing insoles that slip into your shoes can instantly give you a few extra inches of height. You’ve often wondered how to get taller and dreamed about a world where you could have all the social, economic, and physical advantages of being tall, and now you can. Just look at all the short celebrities who use height insoles and elevator shoes to build their confidence in the spotlight, and who have achieved great social and economic success as a result.

They say the shoes make the man, but what nobody mentions is that shoe lifts make the man taller, more confident, and more successful. If you’re a shorter man struggling in a tall world, trying to reach new heights and wanting to achieve a higher social status, then look no further than a good pair of shoes and some quality heel lifts.







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