Five Issues Shoe Lifts Solve for Shorter Men

September 29th, 2016 5:52 pm

Get your add height shoe lifts today, and experience confidence like never before!

Being short isn't just a physical issue, and plenty of shorter guys are very self-conscious about their height. This can create lots of negativity about your self-image, how you feel about others, and how you see the world. For short people trying to contend in a tall world, this can create confidence issues, envy, bitterness, and other negative reactions. So what's the best solution for shorter guys wondering how to get taller and reap all the benefits of added height? The answer is simple: height-increasing insoles, which can help solve these five issues you face as a shorter man.

1. Fixation on Height

Society can be obsessed with height, so it’s no wonder that you are too. And you probably find yourself thinking about your height—and other people’s—all the time throughout each day. Anytime you're out in public, shopping for clothes, in front of a mirror, or when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a window, it probably crosses your mind that you think you're too short. But this is something that has an easy fix, because height insoles can actually give you those extra few inches, helping you to look and feel like the person you deserve to be.

2. Lack of Confidence


Because society is so fixated on height and considers tallness the standard of beauty, it’s easy for short guys to feel like they don’t measure up. But look at the multitude of short celebrities out there (think Tom Cruise, for instance): they are constantly auditioning for roles, putting themselves in the spotlight, and refusing to shy away from public attention. And where does the self-confidence to do this come from? Well, let’s just say that plenty of them have been spotted in elevator shoes that give them extra height and an extra confidence boost.

3. Feeling Envious of Others

Height is one of those things that’s incredibly important in many cultures, but unless you don’t have it, you don’t tend to realize how much of a problem it can be to live without it. It’s difficult to reach things, people make jokes on your behalf, and it can be harder to get yourself a date. So it’s no wonder that you often find yourself feeling envious of other people’s height, how easy life is for them, and how easy life could be for you if you had what they have.

4. Pessimism and Anxiety About Romance

There are studies out there that show tall people tend to date more and are more likely to marry and have children. So why would it be surprising that you feel like it’s impossible to get a date and that there's nobody out there who will be able to look past your stature? But imagine being able to gain a few extra inches of height in a few seconds, with a simple pair of heel lifts inserted into your shoes. A whole new world of romantic opportunities would open up for you, if for no other reason than the extra height will give you the confidence you need to pursue romantic relationships.

5. Feeling Like You Got a Raw Deal

If height can lead to a lack of self-confidence, envy, feeling hopeless in romance, and a fixation on the problem, it makes sense that shorter guys like you tend to feel bitter about your lot in life. But shoe lifts are the easy answer that can actually give you everything you’ve been dreaming about: the confidence to hold your head high, the ability to forget about your height and let go of your envy, and the self-assurance to go out and ask for that date.

Being short is no laughing matter, especially when you realize that taller people are more likely to have better-paying jobs and tend to be happier with their lives overall. But being short is no longer a life-long challenge, because with a quick, easy, and affordable pair of heel lifts, you can achieve the height, the confidence, and the goals you’ve always wanted.





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