Does Wearing Shoe Lifts Make You Dishonest?

June 7th, 2016 1:09 am


Shoe Lifts are the next best secret, at Add Height we strive to create the ideal shoe lift on the market. Created to provide height, comfort, stability and support.

It’s a consideration that many shoe lift wearers make. What are the potential moral implications of showing yourself to be one height when you’re actually another? But when you consider the idea from other angles, you’ll see that wearing shoe heel inserts is no different than wearing any other clothing item that enhances our appearance. In this post, our team answers the question “Does wearing shoe lifts make you dishonest?"

Society Values Aesthetics

It’s perhaps sad to recognize, but society often values a person’s looks more highly than their character traits. The value we place on looks is clear in the way we spend our time getting ready for a night out or in the time we take when buying clothes. We consider the way we present ourselves carefully, to ensure we showcase our best traits when in social and working environments.

Shoe Lifts are No Different than Other Clothing

So when we consider the value society places on looking good and the general feeling of contentment we achieve when we look good, it’s no wonder so many use clothing to accentuate our features. Consider for example suit jackets with shoulder padding.

These products are designed to improve the person’s frame and make their shoulders appear stronger. Almost all men and many women at one point or another have worn an item with shoulder padding. It’s an item that brings confidence and appeal.

While we’re not presenting ourselves in the way our body truly looks, nobody would consider wearing a suit jacket being dishonest. The same principle should apply to those wearing shoe heel inserts.


Shoe Lifts Might Help Build a Connection

While wearing shoe lifts, a person might become more confident in their own skin, and therefore show their personality in a way that makes a connection with a friend or romantic partner in the future. While wearing shoe lift inserts, they can then relax without having to be concerned about how other people consider their height or stature.


Most of us don’t choose our friends or romantic partners based solely on their height. We don’t recognize a person’s business acumen based on their stature. Shoe lifts are a personal tool that can be used to help a person feel confident in their day-to-day working and social lives. The wearer can then reveal their true selves through this added confidence. There is simply no basis to the idea that wearing shoe lifts makes you dishonest.


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Does Wearing Shoe Lifts Make You Dishonest?
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