Do Taller People Make More Money?

May 31st, 2016 5:30 pm

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It’s a question that has long been researched by those in the social sciences field as they seek to outline the advantages that being tall has within our society. Products such as shoe lifts are constantly evolving and becoming more effective, but they weren’t always around to help. The question of whether tall people make more money than others has now been answered by the latest research, and in this post we’ll take a look at the research and provide further insights on the impact that being tall has on a person’s income.

Height Through History

It used to make functional sense that the tallest people would have the highest incomes. Taller people were stronger and were, therefore, able to work longer and lift heavier items. This meant, for example, that taller factory workers over a century ago would often be favored over those who were smaller. But the latest research shows that, despite most jobs now depending solely on mental rather than physical attributes, the disparity between how much taller people earn and how much shorter people earn remains. Luckily, for shorter people in the modern world, shoe lifts can help even the playing field.

Every Additional Inch an Advantage

According to one recent University of Ohio study, each additional inch in height correlated with an increase in income. The study found that the sharpest jump in earnings was found between those who were 5’4” and those that were 5’6” in height and that earnings tended to plateau once the person reached 6’0.”  In his book “Blink” Malcolm Gladwell showed that while only 14.5% of American men are over 6’0”, the number jumps to 58% when assessing the heights of all Fortune 500 CEOs.

Why Height Matters

While it’s difficult to pin down a specific reason why taller people tend to be wealthier and have a higher income than those who are shorter, there are a number of potential reasons behind the findings. These include the following:

- Taller people are seen as more confident

Studies show that taller people are seen as more confident than others. This means they are more likely to impress in interview scenarios and are likely to be chosen as team leads on business projects.

- Taller people are considered more attractive

Many consider taller people to be more attractive. And the data correlates attractiveness with a higher level of income, as attractive people are more often chosen in competitive business scenarios.

- Taller people are seen as more trustworthy

Society also sees taller people as generally being more trustworthy than others. This could be due to their general presence, and the confidence others hold in their abilities.

It’s clear that taller people have the economic advantage in society. But those without the height to reap these rewards shouldn’t despair. Contact our team at AddHeight today to learn more how to add a few inches in height with high-quality shoe lifts.  

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