Can Heel Lifts Fix a Problem of Different Leg Lengths?

September 15th, 2016 7:49 pm

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Leg length discrepancy is a medical condition that involves a person having legs that are different lengths. The discrepancy is often caused by differences in the length of the femur or tibia in one leg versus the other. While minor leg length discrepancy is quite common, more severe cases can cause:


  • Back and hip pain

  • Leg, joint, and muscle aches

  • Poor posture

  • Curved spine

  • Unbalanced gait


One of the simplest solutions to correct a minor leg length discrepancy is a pair of shoe lifts that correct the discrepancy and even out the length of the legs.

What Exactly Are Heel Lifts?

Heel lifts, also called height insoles and height-increasing insoles, are wedged shoe inserts that add space between the foot and the ground, thereby increasing the height of the wearer by up to a few inches. The effect is similar to that of the elevator shoes that are commonly used by short celebrities who want to appear taller.

The main benefit with height insoles, however, is that they are inserts that can be moved around from shoe to shoe, so you can have added height regardless of what you're wearing on your feet.

Using Heel Lifts to Treat Leg Length Discrepancy

Because heel lifts have the power to increase height, they can also fill a gap when one leg is shorter than the other. If you’ve ever wondered how to get taller but also want to address a leg length discrepancy, now you have the answer.

You can use height insoles that are fitted to your needs to give you some extra vertical length and shore up your shorter leg so that your hips align. Providing even footing for your legs can correct your gait and posture, alleviate aches and pains, and make your entire body more balanced.

Limitations of Heel Lifts for Different Leg Lengths

While heel lifts are an excellent non-surgical solution to correct leg length discrepancy for everyday life and walking, it’s not recommended that you use Add Height insoles for running and faster-paced activities. This is because your body is accustomed to you being a particular height, and you could have difficulty adjusting to your new height, making you uncoordinated and possibly clumsy at higher speeds.

Shoe lifts are a painless, affordable, and easy way to address minor differences in leg lengths, and the best part is that you aren't stuck wearing the same pair of shoes for the rest of your life. Heel lifts can be removed from a pair of shoes as easily as they can be fitted into another, meaning you can have balance and properly adjusted legs with every outfit. Say goodbye to specialty orthotics that are clunky and unfashionable and hello to freedom, health, and style!


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