Will Height Increasing Insoles Improve My Self Image?

August 11th, 2016 2:19 am

Add Height Increasing Insoles will not only increase your height, but boost your confidence to a new level!


If you are on the shorter side and are self-conscious about your height, it may occupy your thoughts a great deal of the time. In a society that, rightly or wrongly, places so much emphasis on physical appearance, it can be a real hindrance if you feel unattractive, or less than yourself so to speak.

While we are often our own harshest critics, if your height is causing to have a poor self-image, you needn’t worry and suffer in silence. There is a simple solution that may very well change your life, and it doesn’t involve surgery or questionable drugs.

We don’t judge, but there is proven social value to being tall. Because of this, unfortunately, shorter people tend to have a poorer self-image. Studies show that tall people are more likely to enjoy more success in all areas of life.

Will adding height improve your self-image? Absolutely! If being short has been holding you back, at least in your own mind, then it’s time to be taller. Boost your confidence and reap all the rewards that adding height to improve your self-image will bring.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Confidence

No question, when you feel your best, you look your best, and if your self-esteem is on shaky ground, you may have a hard time projecting a positive self-image.

It’s a known fact that confidence not only will contribute to your positive self-image but carrying that confidence in your life will create opportunities for you at work, in relationships and with family and friends. When we say there is value in confidence, we mean it. Studies show that tall people are more likely to receive promotions.

It’s time to work on turning that self-image around, from the inside out. Gaining confidence is a cycle that begins with you putting your best foot forward. Don’t wonder if adding height will improve your self-image; go for it!

Add Height Shoe Inserts are the Solution

No longer do you have to feel sidelined by being shorter than others. You can literally look others in the eyes now, which is a very subtle, but very effective confidence booster.

Feeling tall (and once you put in the height increasing insoles, actually being tall) can help you feel more powerful. You’ll improve your self-worth and feel physically and mentally stronger and you’ll find that you’ll have newfound courage in social and work situations.

Don’t let your height hold you back. Add Height shoe lifts provide the discrete, effective confidence booster that you’ve been looking for. Find out how adding height improves your self-image today.




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