Why Shorter People Always have to Prove Themselves?

September 1st, 2016 5:38 pm

Insoles that make you taller will not only increase your height but confidence!

Life as a shorter person can be challenging. It’s no wonder so many are now trying to find out how to get taller. There are numerous obstacles to success that taller people simply don’t have to face. This life of struggle and adversity means that shorter people must constantly try to prove themselves, and within this latest post, we’ll look at three reasons that short people must prove their worth. Many are making a huge difference by using heel lifts to get taller, but here are some reasons they may feel the need to prove themselves.


1 - They Aren’t Often Noticed

Whether it’s at work or in a social situation, shorter people aren’t always noticeable. This means that they must work a little harder to grab the attention. For example, in an office setting, shorter people are unlikely to stand out for their stature. They must prove their abilities through their work. They must show they’re at least as talented as a taller colleague to capture the attention of their managers. Without being noticed, shorter people also struggle to gain recognition for their work. They might work tirelessly only to find that their effort goes unrewarded by their bosses, while taller people get the acclaim.

2 - They’re Not Considered Strong

Society deems shorter people not strong enough to hold their own. This can have a negative impact on the person in numerous scenarios. For example, women might prefer a partner who is a protector – someone they can depend upon to keep them secure. Shorter men might not be considered very strong simply due to their stature. And while this is often untrue, it’s a myth that is highly pervasive and commonly believed.

Shorter people, therefore, have to work harder in social situations to show their strength. They might have to show they can lift heavy objects and protect their friends in dangerous situations. Only by proving themselves over time can shorter people show that they have the same level of strength taller people possess.

3 - They Are Not Thought of as Leaders

The studies show that being tall is associated with having leadership qualities. Taller people tend to dominate the conversation. They tend to be more confident in their abilities and therefore are considered better able to delegate within workplace situations. Shorter people must work much harder to show their leadership qualities. Without being louder and more forthright than their taller counterparts, shorter people can be overlooked for roles as leaders. It’s part of the reason many are now using height insoles to improve their height and assert their dominance.

To help overcome these obstacles, shorter people can use AddHeight height insoles and give themselves the height they need to make the right impression in all areas of their life. To learn more about the product and its benefits, speak with our trusted team today!

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