What to Look for in High-Quality Height Insoles?

May 13th, 2016 7:02 pm

 You may be considering shoe lifts for height, comfort and stability. Add Height insoles will provide all the above and more.

When you are attempting to add height, selecting the right shoe lift is critically important to achieving your goal. The wrong product can leave you uncomfortable and in pain during work time and can have a significant impact on your health when used over the long-term. That’s why many are now turning to industry experts for guidance on selecting the right shoe lifts to use on a daily basis. In this post, our expert team highlights the five characteristics to look for in a high-quality shoe lift.


1 – Stability

Shoe lifts must be designed to remain stable within the shoe. There is nothing more annoying than if you have to always adjust the product as it moves around. A stable shoe lift will ensure you retain control of your gait while walking and will help to protect you against slips and falls. It’s imperative to appear confident and in control when you add height, and shoe lift stability is a big part of that.

2 - Strong Support

Quality shoe lift inserts provide the wearer with a high level of support as they wear the product. They work to absorb the shock on the foot from walking around on hard surfaces and provide comfort from the heel to the toes. Products featuring silicone gel offer a high level of non-invasive flexible support for both the arch and the rest of the foot.

3 - Optimum Height

Quality shoe lift inserts should be designed to provide the wearer with the optimum height for their own comfort. While some shoe lifts provide over three inches in height, they are often limited in terms of comfort. It’s important for wearers to consider their balance when they add height, so they add just the right amount.  

4 - Discrete Performance

One of the leading issues shoe lift wearers face is that the height insoles they use on a regular basis are clearly noticeable. For some people, others knowing you are adding height is embarrassing. Luckily, shoe lifts like AddHeight provide discrete performance for the wearer. They can be integrated into day-to-day activities without any indication a lift is being used.

5 - Easy-to-Use


A high-quality shoe lift is easy-to-use within any shoe. The wearer shouldn’t spend their time struggling to get height insoles to fit in their shoes. It should just slide in seamlessly for simple performance over the long-term.


By reviewing these characteristics, you can select a shoe lift product that assures optimal functionality and comfort over the long-term. To learn more, contact our team today!



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