What other shoe lifts are available?

April 28th, 2016 10:42 pm

  Add Height shoe lifts are different from any other height insole on the market because of the way that they provide essential support to your entire foot structure.

Let's move to the next pair of height insoles on the list,

These height insoles are made of EVA foam, plastic and a thin, and I mean thin layer of memory foam.

Let's take a closer look:


After wearing them for a few weeks, here's what I know about these:

Do these height insoles provide added height?

Yes, I believe they give you just about 1.3 inches. They also don't compress much with weight absorption, so you really wont lose much height when standing on them

Are these height insoles comfortable?

Well, sorta... For a short amount of time you can get away with walking in these, but because the memory foam is so thin, and I mean very thin, you really will start to feel the plastic bottom under the memory foam after about an hour of having these on. Also because there is very little traction at the bottom of these, they will tend to slip around in your shoes, causing your heel to fall back at times, which is very uncomfortable. Also the width of the height insole is very thin, so for the guys and girls with wide feet, this insole may not be very suitable for your needs, as it will start to hurt with the lack of support for your whole foot.

Are these shoe lifts expensive?

No, don't fall for companies trying to re-brand these and charge you up to $25.99, you can find them on Aliexpress for very cheap, even on Ebay for about $4.99 - $6.99/pair at most.


On a scale of 1-10, these shoe lifts get a solid 5. Why a 5? Well, because they are on the right track towards a good height insole, they are very inexpensive as long as you get them where I mentioned above, and the memory foam (although thin) is a good material to have in a
height insole, the pros DO NOT out way the cons, but you gotta start somewhere.

; )

Stay tuned everyone, there is plenty more to cover!



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