Height Insoles, Good or Bad?

April 28th, 2016 10:40 pm

Add Heights specialized shoe lifts provide excellent support for the lower back, knees, and ankles, so they can help you feel better physically. If you have no't tried height insoles, try Add Height.

I've had my fair share of height insoles, from simple pieces of foam, to business cards that just sit in my shoes, I've worn it all. It really hasn't mattered what is in there as long as the end result is to gain a few inches in height.
So several years later I decided it's time to create my own height insoles. But before I go into that let's talk about what is currently out there...

In no particular order here let's start with what looks appealing:


So these height insoles are made with EVA foam, and an air pocket... That air pocket does not provide the cushioning you are thinking it would as if they were Nike Airs or Reebok Pumps. Nope, these air pockets just look pretty but do not provide any absorbtion. If anything the plastic is extremely strong and acts more as a support factor rather than a shock absorber.

The part i really don't like about these shoe lifts is the detachable layer that is really not firm in place. It is supposed to add a little extra height, but it actually creates a more unstable feeling. Try and imagine stacking things on top of eachother, very weak materials that you are now putting your entire body weight and force on...

All in all on a scale of one to ten I would give these shoe lifts a good 6/10. They aren't worth more than a few bucks so be careful where you buy these, as they make them by the millions.
Stay Tuned!

Title Tag: Height Insoles, Good or Bad?

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