Ever try Gel Height Insoles and Shoe Lifts?

May 17th, 2016 2:27 am

 Add Height shoe lifts are unique because of the way that they comprehensively enhance your appearance, boost your confidence and provide essential support to your entire foot structure.

So the next height insole I thought I would share is one that I used to wear quite frequently before deciding to take matters into my own hands. I don't recommend this heel insert unless you are on a very tight budget and cannot afford or choose to not afford a good quality pair of height insoles or shoe lifts.


These height increasing insoles or heel inserts, are completely made out of a gel. Now remember, your feet put a good amount of pressure and force on anything they stand on, so if a product does not have stabilizing materials, you will pretty much wear down the heel lift or height insole and also may sprain your ankle in the process. Why? Simply because this shoe lift cannot support weight with just gel as the only component, it's like trying to walk on jello.



So let's rate this out of 10.

Stability - 4/10

Comfort - 5/10

Height - About an inch after compression

Price: 9/10 ( You can pretty much find these for around $5-$7)

Overall Score;  18/30

To be honest, you really pay for what you get. You will easily go through two or three pairs of these height insoles as they tend to break and deteriorate rather quickly. I don't recommend these height insoles or shoe lifts, I have sprained my ankle from these heel inserts and definitely did some damage to my heels. 

Overall Score : - Great cost effective product, but will definitely hurt your heels , really could be quite dangerous for your ankles. 


Title Tag: Ever try Gel Height Insoles & Shoe Lifts ?
Meta Description: The importance of wearing high quality shoe lifts and why it's crucial to know what to wear.
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