Do Height Insoles Damage Your Feet?

May 25th, 2016 3:11 am


 Add Height insoles goal is to provide shoe lifts which will help you increase in height while maintaining stiffness for arch support and comfort, giving you complete functionality and stability along with the benefit of added height.

It’s one common question we encounter in the height insole marketplace. Many buyers want to know whether height insoles will damage their feet when wearing the product over a prolonged period of time. We felt this was an important question to answer in detail and so in this latest post we’ll answer the question of whether you can expect damage to your feet by wearing shoe inserts for height on a regular basis.

Products Should Be Compared

When considering whether a height insole might damage your feet, it’s first important to review the materials used in the product. For example, quality height insoles should be built using memory foam that is designed to conform to the biomechanics of your body. Memory foam helps reduce the destructive force placed on your foot while walking and will help ensure that no foot damage occurs when wearing your insoles.

Another important element within height insoles is silicone gel. The flexibility of silicone gel means it can be used to absorb shock during walking. It can help take the pressure off feet when the wearer pushes down on their foot during normal walking activities. Silicone gel also has heat-regulating properties, which means it can help ensure foot comfort during those challenging summer days when rushing around at the office or during busy social events.


Experience of the Manufacturer a Key Factor

Another important element when reviewing shoe inserts for height is the experience of the manufacturer and their track record in the industry. The manufacturer should have a clear understanding of biomechanics. They should have a product that responds to the unique nuances in the way each person walks and protects the foot during use.

The experience of the manufacturer will also come into play when you review the market and compare products. The leading specialists will be able to show how their product supports your balance and comfort as you walk, ensuring complete protection and safety during use.

Also, they should be able to show that their height insoles are suited to optimal performance over many years. While many shoe inserts for height last a few months at most, the highest-quality height insoles can be used for several years to help provide lasting comfort and appeal in all areas of the person’s social and working lives.

By taking the time to find products built to last, you can find a height insole that will protect your feet and ensure stability. To discover more about height insoles, and how AddHeight can help you, call our experts today!  


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