Creating High Quality Height Insoles is our Priority!

May 12th, 2016 9:15 pm

 Add Height insoles edge out the competition because of their multi-layered, unique shoe lift design that provides the wearer support and absolute comfort, just where they need it most. 

3 Reasons Why Add-Height Height Insoles Are Better than the Standard Height Insole:

Insole products now help millions around the world achieve a greater level of comfort in their day-to-day lives. But many insole wearers are looking for more than just comfort. Here at AddHeight, we’re helping to revolutionize the height insoles marketplace, and our Add Height product is changing the way millions of people think about their footwear. In this latest post, we’ll present three reasons why AddHeight is superior to the standard height insole out there.

1 - Add Height is Durable

Unlike standard height insoles, which are designed to be replaced every few months, AddHeight is a durable insole system that can be worn day-in-day-out for many years. The product features high-performance memory foam, which is made of millions of high-density memory cells and works to reduce the harmful impact of pressure on your feet. The memory foam is also ergonomically designed to minimize wear and support maximum shock absorption for optimal comfort, so when the goal is to add height, you can do so without worrying about having sore feet.

2 - Polyvinyl Foundation for Superior Motion Control

Many height insole wearers are looking for a greater level of control to prevent the slipping that can occur with the standard insole product. AddHeight is designed to assure exceptional motion control for a range of applications. Whether the user is walking to work or simply walking around their home, AddHeight will give them the control they need to avoid dangerous twisting and turning in their shoes.


The polyvinyl foundation also helps mitigate stress on knee and back joints. It provides a comfortable experience without placing pressure on sensitive joints in the body. This ensures that users can retain that flexibility over many years while integrating Add Height in their day-to-day lives.


3 - Add Height Assures a Taller Stance

When a user walks on AddHeight height insoles, they immediately add height of up to two inches. No traditional insole can offer AddHeight’s combination of durability and height enhancement. While giving wearers the ability to walk taller as they work and complete their daily activities, the product also helps users retain their stability. This ensures an elegant and comfortable walking gait no other height insole product can provide.




Thousands of people are now integrating our exciting Add Height height insoles into their daily lives. It’s a product that simply adds height while assuring your feet will remain comfortable throughout the entire day. To discover more about AddHeight and its full range of performance benefits, order a pair today!


Title Tag: Creating High Quality Height Insoles is our Priority!


Meta Descrition: At Add Height, we make it our mission to only provide the best height increasing insoles available.


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