Common Complaints about Poor Quality Shoe Lifts

May 24th, 2016 4:49 am

 Add Height insoles are a total breakthrough to help you grow taller and increase height instantly! Our revolutionary shoe lifts help you add height and gain confidence immediately! 

Have you tried shoe lifts before and been dissatisfied?  Not all shoe lift inserts are one-size-fits-all in the most literal sense of the word. Our specially designed Add Height shoe lifts provide great user satisfaction and help address some of the most common complaints about standard shoe lifts.

They’re Uncomfortable

It’s true that shoe lift inserts can be uncomfortable. That is for one of two reasons: poorly designed shoe lifts or selecting a shoe lift that doesn’t fit you properly. AddHeight addresses the design question outright, with our unique design that not only adds inches subtly to your height, but it also lends you physical support in just the right places.

We utilize a special layered design. The top layer has flexible foam to contour your foot in comfort. It is shock resistant and feels light and spongy on the feet. Next is a mouldable gel that personalizes and secures the fit. This layer also helps to regulate heat and air flow, which helps with overall comfort. This all rests on top of a sturdy patent pending polyvinyl foundation. From there, the insert provides maximum motion control and distributes essential support to the heel. This helps protect the knees, joints and back from any undue stress, commonly felt when walking or standing.

AddHeight takes this particularly common complaint about standard shoe lifts (i.e. their comfort) to the next level. We’re so confident in the comfort that our shoe lift inserts provide that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee with our product.

Too Tall

When deciding to add height using shoe lifts, size does matter. If you add more than a few inches, you’ll experience pain and possible injury to your foot, knees or back. Not to mention the height insoles will not fit into very many shoes, We offer shoe lifts that provide a maximum of two inches in added height. Two inches are enough to make a significant impact on the visual and physical appearance of your height. It’s also a safe height to extend your foot around. Going much lower won’t let you realize the maximum benefit of the height provided by AddHeight’s shoe inserts; going higher will create balance and fit problems within your shoe.

They hurt the Heel of My Foot

With most poor quality height insoles, the material is either going to be very stiff and not absorb the impact of the step you take or they are going to be to soft and will not provide the right amount of support, but for now let's just start with the material being too hard.

high-quality-height-insoles-shoe-lifts-grow-taller          shoe-lift-secret-to-getting-taller-elevator-shoes-height-insole

You want to avoid any type of height insole that is going to hurt your feet. So the best thing to stay away from is anything that feels quite tough or stiff when you first place them on. What you will notice is after the first five minutes your heels will start to hurt, and it is not something that will work in or you can get accustomed to. As shown in the picture above, the pictured height insole is made throughout of one material, a very hard plastic that does not mold to your foot.

They don't provide Stability, I feel like I'm walking on Stilts...


The insoles showin above are definitely one of the most difficult height insoles to walk in. There is no type of stability or support, and you can actually sprain or break your ankle wearing these, with the poor stability, the possibility of rolling your ankle is much higher. 
When purchasing your quality height insoles, please keep the four MUST HAVE's to ensure you pick the right one:
  • - Stability
  • - Support
  • - Height
  • - Comfort
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