Best Places to Wear Your Add Height Insoles

May 18th, 2016 1:57 pm

Add Height insoles are a total breakthrough to help you grow taller! Our revolutionary shoe lifts help you add height and gain confidence. Shop online now!



Where are the best places to wear height insoles? In short, anywhere you go.

There are a number of reasons to consider height insoles, in particular if your height is something that you’ve been longing to change about yourself. The beauty of height insoles is that they are comfortable, sturdy, discrete and completely versatile, so they can fit seamlessly into your busy life- as you need.

At the Office

Is your height holding you back in your career- at least in your own mind? What better way to set yourself up for success, but to include height insoles as a staple in your wardrobe?

Studies have shown that taller people get preferential treatment. Tall people are more likely to have their voices heard, receive promotions and advance in their careers. AddHeight shoe inserts could help you climb that career ladder. Fact: your workplace is one of the best places to wear heel inserts.

On a Date

If you’re dating (or even when you are firmly attached), it’s nice to be able to look your best on a date. For many people, that includes some of the benefits of being tall: appearing slimmer and having the appearance of long, toned legs.

Men often experience insecurity and anxiety about being shorter than prospective dates or partners. If that’s the case, you can open the door to possibility by making yourself two inches taller in an instant.

Let’s not forget how important confidence and self-image are when you are dating. On a date, nothing is more attractive than a positive self-image. It’s for these reasons that a date is an ideal occasion to wear height insoles.

Anywhere Casual

AddHeight’s special design not only adds inches to your height, but they also offer solid foot support as well, with their three layer construction. We layer memory foam on top of silicone gel on top of a patent pending polyvinyl foundation allowing optimum flexibility and firmness. This means just the right support in just the right places, like the arch and the heel.

With these shoe lifts, you can reap benefits both for your mental and physical health, by combining exercise with improving your self-image at the same time.

At AddHeight, we help you realize how height equals confidence. And the short answer to where are the best places to wear heel inserts? At any occasion or location where you’d like add height.


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