Add Height Insoles 3 Important Psychological Advantages of Being Taller

August 25th, 2016 7:50 pm

Add Height Shoe Lifts won't only help you grow a few inches in height, but substantially in confidence as well!

It’s no secret that many cultures today prize height as a desirable physical attribute and taller people tend to have better and higher paying jobs, are more likely to marry and have children, and are privy to psychological advantages associated with increased height. If you’ve ever wondered how to get taller and enjoy these benefits as well, then you're in luck!

Adding a few inches to your stature is easier than ever before! Just look at all the short celebrities out there that nobody realizes aren't tall, because they use height-enhancing products like elevator shoes and heel lifts. If you're considering height-increasing insoles, these are a few of the psychological advantages you'll get to experience as well.


1. Better Self-Esteem

Height and self-image are intimately connected in societies that value being tall, and this can leave short people feeling inadequate and with a low self-esteem. Increasing your height with height insoles, therefore, can help improve the way you see yourself, and this will dramatically improve your self-esteem. And what will an increased self-image and self-esteem do? It can improve your outlook, your relationships, your courage, and your motivation.

2. Having More Confidence

Another related effect of increased height is heightened confidence and self-confidence. When your self-confidence is low, you may feel like your incapable of doing things, like you aren't good enough, and that you have no worth. But by increasing your height with shoe lifts, you can not only add inches to your physical body, but also to your mental outlook.

Add height to your stature and you'll hold your head up higher—literally and figuratively. You'll feel like you can do more, you'll have the confidence to try new things, and you'll feel better about yourself overall.

3. Feeling Stronger and More Powerful

Because of societal perceptions regarding height, there is a link between being short and feeling more vulnerable. People tend to see tall people as stronger and more powerful, which is why you say you look up to those you admire and down on those worthy of criticism.

As such, being short can lead to feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability, and this can cause you to question people’s intentions and motives toward you. Taller people actually tend to interpret the world as being less threatening, allowing them to be more open and trusting in their personal and professional relationships.

Shortness isn't an inadequacy, but in a world that admires the tall, it’s easy to feel like you just don’t measure up when those around you are a head higher. And if you're looking for ways to increase your height, shoe lifts are a quick, easy, reliable, and affordable way to add inches to your height.

Not only will you add height, but you'll also get to experience the positive psychological benefits of being taller, such as better self-image and self-esteem, more self-confidence, and feeling more powerful and less vulnerable in the world.






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