It's not just your regular shoe lift. The Add Height insole an all-new, exceptionally designed height insole that will deliver height, comfort and stability! Confidence is the key to success and with Add Height™, you'll be able to experience a new level of confidence that will change your life. Improves your style and fits perfectly with almost every shoe! Try Add Height™ shoe lifts today and see why it's the most popular height insole ever created!

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Add Height Insoles vs. the Competition

Short of surgery or questionable drugs, the only way to actually make yourself taller is to give yourself a boost with your shoes.

Although there are a number of shoe options that add height, they are not created equal. Add Height shoe lifts are different because of the way that they comprehensively enhance your appearance, boost your confidence and provide essential support to your entire foot structure.

The Difference of Design

Add Height insoles and shoe lifts edge out the competition because of their multi-layered, unique design that provides the wearer support just where they need it most.

Gone are the days when you have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion. Our design starts with a solid layer of our patent pending polyvinyl foundation. By the nature of their very function, height increasing insoles alter the position of the foot within a shoe, so it is essential to be able to hold the foot in place for maximum comfort, which is one of the benefits of this material as the foundation layer.

The middle layer of silicone gel acts as a shock absorber, while a thick top layer of memory foam tailors the Add Height insoles to your particular foot structure. It contours to your foot, making sure that support is distributed appropriately, with particular attention given to the heel and arch. Other shoe lifts inserts use memory foam, but the difference lies in the thickness. The greater the amount, the more durable and more comfortable, which is one thing we offer with our design.

Shoe lifts will give you height. Add Height’s shoe lifts give you the height you desire but also helps with knee, joint, ankle and back support because of their cutting-edge design.

Subtle Change to Make a Big Difference

It’s possible to use elevator shoes, for instance, to add height. No question that elevator shoes provide a similar solution to our height insoles, but our shoe lifts provide some very different benefits. The key difference? Discretion.

Elevator shoes will provide several inches to the wearer, but they are easily recognizable. Deciding to enhance your appearance by adding height is nobody’s business, but your own, and our shoe lifts offer a classy, subtle alternative.

Elevator shoes offer limited choice in terms of fashion and style; our shoe lifts inserts literally go where you do, in whatever shoes that match your style- including dress shoes, casual shoes, boots and athletic shoes.

Good Value

Not only do our Add Height insoles add inches to your height, increase your confidence and provide excellent ergonomic foot support, they also are inexpensive. One pair of Add Height insoles costs less than a tank of gas.

Our shoe lifts inserts are fully transferable between all of your shoes, so they provide a very cost-effective solution.

Considering shoe lifts for height? Check out the Add Height’s insoles today and see life from a different point of view.

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Different Materials We Use and Why

Add Height insoles will give you the opportunity to add height, but they also do much more for you.

Add Height Increasing Insole Unique Design

Add Height’s specialized shoe lifts provide excellent support for the lower back, knees, and ankles, so they can help you feel better physically. Furthermore, it’s a known fact that taller people are happier and more confident. And when you feel more confident you are more confident, which means that you’ll effectively be opening more doors for yourself, socially and professionally if you use our heel lifts.

So, how does all of this happen? It’s not magic. It’s part of Add Height insoles specific design that uses state-of-the-art materials. To start, our heel inserts use the concept of material layering.

A Solid Foundation

The base layer of every Add Height insole is made of our patent pending polyvinyl foundation. We use this because of its sturdy quality, which makes these not only durable but highly functional. This material also offers maximum motion control as well as exceptional heel support, which combine to reduce stress to your back and knees. This means that while wearing this shoe lift, your foot stays firmly in place, increasing comfort and height at the same time.

The Middle Layer

When making a sandwich, the middle layer- the sandwich filling- usually provides the most fringe benefits, like flavor and nutrition. To use the same analogy with our Add Height insoles, we apply a thick middle layer of silicone gel, which will provide the wearer with some of the best benefits.

The silicone gel acts as your center of shock absorption, which is particularly important if you spend a lot of time on your feet, or if you anticipate using your height insoles in some of your more active footwear. When you plant your foot, the impact against the ground is absorbed by the gel, not by your knees and back, like you may experience with other kinds of shoe lift inserts.

The silicone gel also provides special support to the heel and arch- two notorious problem spots for discomfort in footwear. The comfort factor increases too with the gel’s ability to regulate temperature, so your feet will remain cool and comfortable when using these heel inserts.

On the Top

In direct contact with your foot is the layer of ultimate comfort: memory foam. Much like the other layers, the memory foam assists in total foot support, as well as with shock absorption. The memory foam layer uses the design concept of ergonomics. Essentially, the foam is comprised of millions of high-density memory cells, which allow a tailored fit that adds height at the same time. The Add Height insole contours to your foot for maximum comfort.

You may be considering shoe lifts for height. When you’re choosing a product, you should evaluate based not only on the ability to add height but also on the design itself and how it will provide the best support possible, Add Height insoles will provide all the above and more.

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How Adding Height Increases Confidence

You can only be your best if you feel your best. And if you are shorter and self-conscious about your height, it may make you feel inferior. Add Height height insoles offer a drug-free, reliable, life-changing solution that will improve the way that you look and the way that you feel about yourself, which can make all the difference between being happy and successful or not. Add height and the sky’s the limit.

Don’t Let Negative Self-Image Hold You Back

Sometimes, you can be your own worst enemy. If you are on the shorter side and are self-conscious about your height, it can create very real barriers in your mind. Your negative self-image, in effect, limits your opportunity.

Shoe lifts will add up to two inches to your height, which is a subtle difference with major impact. Your legs will appear longer and shapelier; women say that wearing high-heeled shoes lifts their buttocks, making them look more toned. These heel lifts have that same effect, but without the potential discomfort of wearing high heels.

Overall, these height increasing insoles will make you appear taller, slimmer and more attractive, which is only going to boost your confidence.

Being Taller at Work Helps

Rightly or wrongly, our society favors height. This is especially true for men in the workplace. If you’ve been feeling like you’re getting passed over at work, it’s probably not in your mind. There have been studies that prove taller people are more likely to receive promotions at work and to advance up the career ladder more quickly. Furthermore, there have been additional studies that reveal that taller people actually do make more money.

Are taller people more skilled and more deserving of promotions? Probably not. But they do project the image of capability because they tend to be more confident, which means that they will look like the better choice for promotions and work rewards. Think about it. If your confidence is lacking, how can you ask someone else to put their confidence in you?

You can change your career path today by getting Add Height height insoles. Sometimes hard work isn’t enough. You’ve got to engage strategy to set yourself apart from the competition. How amazing would it be if the solution was a simple as using these shoe heel inserts?

Adding a shoe lift might be just the ticket to the top for you.

Have Better Personal Relationships

Similarly, being confident in yourself is a major factor in your ability to establish personal relationships. If you lack confidence because you feel like being short is undesirable, then you are creating problems for yourself with this negative self-image. Using a heel lift will make you seem taller, but the boost to your confidence is real. This improved sense of yourself will only help you in romantic relationships.

Take control of your life by taking control of your confidence. Our shoe lift inserts are not only comfortable, versatile and discreet, but they also give you the opportunity to look the world in the eye. Adding a couple of inches with these heel lifts is the solution that you need.

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When you order today, we're going to give you our 30-day money-back guarantee. Think about that. You not only get to try the Add Height™ Insoles, you get to actually spend a full month with them before committing to pay! And if you're not 100% happy with the results, you can send them back for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling. You get all the reward, without anyof the risk.

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* Conditions apply. Add height™ insoles will only be accepted as a return if they are returned in the same condition they were delivered. No exceptions.